Our Diamonds

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Our Diamonds

David Levy Diamonds has developed a diverse production range that includes round stones and fancy shapes in sizes ranging from 0.5 carat to 25 carats with clarity grades ranging between VVS and P1. 
As one of first diamond manufacturers to introduce laser-sawing and laser-drilling technologies into its production processes, David Levy Diamonds has always employed the latest technology. Today, in addition to our natural unprocessed diamonds we offer the following type of treated diamonds:
Laser Drilled
Fracture Filled
HPHT Processed
Color Treated
All David Levy Diamonds come with a detailed "Diamond Identification Certificate". This laminated sheet describes all of the diamond details while disclosing any treatments that may have been performed on the gemstone. Our company not only recognizes, but also insists that there is an absolute need for the preservation of consumer confidence in our products throughout the supply pipeline.

Trust in our integrity, knowledge and expertise